Administrative Core


The Administrative Core is responsible for the oversight and daily functions of the SPORE. It provides organizational leadership and administrative support for all of the aspects of the SPORE in order to ensure the overall successful conduct of the program.

This Core oversees scientific management, including ongoing management and scientific review of all projects and cores to ensure that the stated scientific goals of the SPORE are met. It will organize regularly scheduled meetings and seminars, schedule and organize the annual UCLA Brain Cancer SPORE Symposium, and oversee the administration of the SPORE Developmental Research and Career Enhancement Programs. It will be the liaison between the SPORE and the Jonsson Comprehensive Cancer Center, other UCLA academic and administrative bodies, NIH/NCI staff, IAB/EAB members, and patient advocacy groups. It will ensure that appropriate regulatory approvals are maintained and will complete necessary documentation with regulatory agencies.

The Administrative Core will also ensure that data and resources are shared appropriately in order to promote intra- and inter-SPORE collaboration, as well as collaborations with other groups and investigators that can help further cutting-edge brain cancer research.