Core 1: Biospecimen and Pathology Core


The Biospecimen and Pathology Core (BiPC), a biorepository and multifaceted research resource, provides critical support for the translational and diagnostic/therapeutic studies of the four major UCLA SPORE in Brain Cancer projects, which are directed at understanding glioblastoma biology and developing novel therapeutic approaches for brain cancer.

Key members include Dr. Harley Kornblum, a brain tumor stem cell researcher, and Dr. David Nathanson, an expert on the biology of gliomas who developed the novel animal model system used by this core to facilitate the study of brain tumors. The BiPC also includes 24/7 on-call neuropathologists and technicians for tumor procurement.  The core provide histopathology, immunohistochemistry, digital imaging, and data collation support as well.

The BiPC’s aims are: 

  1. To optimally collect, store, and distribute high-quality brain tumor biospecimens and their detailed clinical and molecular annotations
  2. Centrally create, molecularly characterize, and provide human biospecimen derivatives and sGluc-GFP reporter patient-derived orthotopic xenografts (PDOX) to support SPORE projects