Media Relations Contacts


Do you have any recent research studies, discoveries or recognition that is of interest to the media and the public? The UCLA Jonsson Comprehensive Cancer Center Media Relations Office is here to support you. We will work with you to generate media interest, draft announcements and press releases, harness social media, and coordinate interview opportunities for members.

Media relations staff names, contact information and specific areas of expertise appear below. Our team is available to assist with cancer-related news inquiries only involving UCLA's Jonsson Comprehensive Cancer Center and its members, patients, programs and services. For assistance with non-cancer specific media relations, please use the UCLA Health Sciences Media Relations Directory to locate UCLA public information officers by beat.

Meet the Team

David Sampson

Director of Media Relations, UCLA

Cancer, Human Genetics, Pathology

Milo Mitchell

Lead, Film and Motion Identity

Video and audio content production, SEO for multimedia, content partnerships and distribution strategy
Office (310) 825-8420
Teams MiloMitchell

Peter M. Bracke

Web Strategist & Administrator / Branded Content Coordinator

Website, data metrics and analysis, SEO, branded content design and support

Teams PeterBracke