Funding Opportunities


UCLA's Jonsson Comprehensive Cancer Center (JCCC) currently facilitates multiple funding opportunities. Intramural funding opportunities are divided into two programs: Seed Grants and Impact Grants. Extramural funding opportunities are limited and applications are administered via the JCCC.

Recently, our leadership has launched the external JCCC Funding Common Collaborative Learning Environment (CCLE). This CCLE has been established to provide a tool for members to request and submit applications for Impact and Seed grants, and all limited extramural funding opportunities.

Intramural Funding

Use the JCCC CCLE to apply online for Seed and Impact grants. Information on limited extramural funding is also provided. One-time registration is required.

Extramural Funding

As a service to our members, we provide a listing of all current extramural funding opportunities that are unlimited or not administered directly by the JCCC. Updated monthly.