Member Application, Guidelines and Objectives


Member application

  • New Member Application (PDF)
  • Membership Guidelines and Objectives (PDF)

Introduction/initial application

Cancer Center membership is potentially available to all UCLA faculty and faculty at partner institution, Cal Tech. Members must have a predominant and productive interest in cancer and/or related disciplines, the ability and willingness to contribute to the cancer center, and an academic title in the Regular, In-Residence, Adjunct or Clinical Instructor series at UCLA. Exceptions to this policy are considered on a case-by-case basis. Application for membership in the Cancer Center is voluntary and connotes agreement by the applicant with the Center’s membership obligations and basic objectives (see pages 2–3).

Cancer Center membership is usually offered only in conjunction with prior departmental appointments; therefore, approval by the applicant’s departmental chair is required.

Applicants should indicate on the application form the Cancer Center Program that best fits their primary area of interest. The Cancer Center currently operates six Programs:

Applicants, whose interests lie outside any of the defined Cancer Center Programs, should explain their situation by describing their cancer-related activities briefly on the application form. A limited number of members may be categorized as “Non-Programmatically Aligned."

Application review process

Initial applications for membership are reviewed by JCCC leadership on an ongoing basis. In addition, all membership is reviewed by Cancer Center leadership on an annual basis. During the initial application and annual review processes, supplemental materials may be requested. Criteria for reviewing applications are included below. Applicants must meet at least one of the Primary Evaluation Criteria. Additional consideration will be given to applicants who meet the Secondary Evaluation Criteria.

Primary Evaluation Criteria

  • Active peer-reviewed cancer-focused funding
  • Cancer-relevant publications during previous three years
  • Developing, leading, and accruing to cancer clinical trials
  • Junior investigator developing an early cancer-focused program that show significant promise

Secondary Evaluation Criteria

  • Leading cancer training programs/activities
  • Cancer-relevant national or community service, such as study sections, consultation to the NCI, voluntary assistance to cancer organizations, etc.

Services to the JCCC through committees activities, community outreach and engagement activities, etc.

Benefits of JCCC membership

  1. Participation in a highly collaborative cancer-research community
  2. Priority access to and subsidized rates for JCCC shared resources and core services
  3. Ability to apply for research space during JCCC space review cycles
  4. Access to JCCC Clinical Research Unit (CRU)
  5. Support from Communications staff for assistance with press releases and media relations
  6. Assistance with fundraising through the Jonsson Cancer Center Foundation (JCCF)
  7. Inclusion in JCCC meetings, retreats, symposia, seminars and other events
  8. Inclusion in JCCC communications of funding opportunities and other updates

Note: Under specifically defined circumstances, non-member faculty may also have access to JCCC seed grant funding opportunities (see separate guidelines for seed grant and fellowship support).

Expectations of JCCC

  1. Active participation in programmatic and center-wide activities
  2. Service to the JCCC through participation on committees and/or community outreach and engagement activities
  3. All cancer researchers, whether members or not, must submit to the Internal Scientific Peer Review Committee (ISPRC) prior to submission to the IRB*** information about proposed clinical cancer research protocols in which they are the principal investigator. We are required by the NCI to peer review all clinical protocols.
  4. Adhere to the NIH Data Sharing Policy as applicable, including registration of all necessary and appropriate clinical trials in the registry
  5. All members must acknowledge JCCC support as appropriate in publications and in presentations/media coverage, etc. Include the following acknowledgement in appropriate publications:

    Supported by the NIH/NCI under award number P30CA016042 and used the [name of the CCSG shared resource(s) if applicable]

  6. Adherence to the NIH Public Access Policy, all members must obtain a PMCID for all peer-reviewed manuscripts that were directly supported by the NIH, or received direct cost support from the JCCC core grant (i.e., use of shared resources or Intramural Awards Program funds).
  7. Provide all requested documentation in a timely manner to the Cancer Center administrative team as requested for inclusion in the yearly Cancer Center Support Grant reports and submissions.
  8. All cancer researchers who receive JCCC seed grant funding, whether members or not, must provide annual return on investment updates as requested.

Obligations of JCCC membership

  1. All cancer researchers, whether members or not, must submit to the Internal Scientific Peer Review Committee (ISPRC), prior to submission to the appropriate Institutional Review Board, information about proposed clinical cancer research protocols in which they are the principal investigator. We are required by the National Cancer Institute to peer review all clinical protocols.
  2. All members should acknowledge the use of the Cancer Center facilities, space or assistance from the core grant, as appropriate, on their research publications, and they should send single copies of reprints of these published papers to the JCCC Administrative Office for record-keeping purposes.

Application procedures

Please carefully review these Membership Guidelines and Objectives. Additional information may be obtained, if required, by calling (310) 825-5268 or by writing to the Jonsson Comprehensive Cancer Center Administrative Office, 8-684 Louis Factor Health Sciences Building, Box 951781, Los Angeles, California 90095-1781 (campus: 8-684 Factor, 178121).

Complete the membership application form and all required attachments. (Incomplete applications will be returned for completion before review.)

Applications for membership should be submitted directly to the JCCC Administrative Office. Each application will be reviewed by the respective program area director(s) and forwarded to the Membership Committee. Recommendations of the Membership Committee will be submitted to the JCCC scientific directors. Final recommendations will be made to the JCCC Director.

For more information or questions about the new member application process, please contact Ian Aust via email or Amanda Tan via email.