Lung Cancer: Information for Patients


The UCLA Lung Cancer Program is among the national leaders, with the resources, commitment and expertise to set standards in lung cancer prevention, detection, treatment and research. With a large team of experts across a range of specialties, UCLA's program is distinguished by its multidisciplinary approach and the wealth of experience accumulated as a busy center of care and innovation.

In the UCLA Medical Plaza, a combined clinic composed of healthcare professionals from thoracic surgery, medical oncology, and radiation oncology provides expert evaluation of patients with thoracic malignancies, including lung cancer, on the same day if indicated.

Research studies involve the treatment of thoracic malignancies, clinical trials in prevention, and trials of promising biologic and targeted therapy in combination with chemotherapy.

Make an Appointment

To schedule an appointment or consult with a UCLA physician, contact the Lung Cancer Program at the numbers below. Appointments can also be made via, or click for our online appointment form.

Medical Oncology
Phone: (310) 825-7341

Pulmonary Medicine
Phone: (310) 825-8061

For information on surgery or radiation, or to schedule an appointment, call:

Thoracic Surgery
Phone: (310) 794-7333

Radiation Oncology
Phone: (310) 825-9775

For directions to the major UCLA Health System treatment facilities, visit our location map.

Clinical Trials

Clinical trials are carefully controlled research studies in which cancer patients help doctors and scientists find ways to improve health and cancer care, and to make sure the treatments are safe and effective. Each study is designed to address and answer specific scientific questions and to find better ways to prevent, diagnose or treat cancer. A clinical trial is one of the final stages resulting from the research conducted during intensive and lengthy laboratory studies.

If you are interested in finding out more about these studies, visit our Enroll in a Clinical Trial section for general information and a listing of currently open clinical trials.

Additional Resources

For more information on lung cancer treatment services at UCLA, visit the following related website: