Leukemia: Questions to Ask


  • Will you remove the sample of bone marrow from the hip or from another bone?
  • How long will the procedure take? Will I be awake? Will it hurt?
  • How soon will you have the results? Who will explain them to me?
  • If I do have leukemia, who will talk to me about treatment? When?
  • What type of leukemia do I have?
  • What are my treatment choices? Which do you recommend for me? Why?
  • What are the risks and benefits of each kind of treatment?
  • What are the possible side effects of each treatment?
  • Will I have pain?
  • What is the treatment likely to cost?
  • How will treatment affect my normal activities?
  • Would a clinical trial (research study) be appropriate for me?
  • Why do I need this treatment?
  • What drugs will I get?
  • Should I see my dentist before treatment begins?
  • What will the treatment do?
  • Will I have to stay in the hospital?
  • How will we know the drugs are working?
  • How long will I be on this treatment?
  • Can these drugs cause side effects later on?
  • How often will I need checkups?
  • When will the treatment begin? How often will they be given? When will they end?
    What can I do to take care of myself during therapy?
  • How will we know if the radiation is working?
  • What kind of stem cell transplant will I have? If I need a donor, how will we find one?
  • What is my chance of a full recovery? How long will that take?