Athena Breast Health Network


Athena Breast Health Network: UCLA Screening Mammography Registry

UCLA is proud to introduce the Athena Breast Health Network at its breast imaging centers in Westwood, Santa Monica, Manhattan Beach, and at its affiliate hospital; Olive View Medical Center in Sylmar. For the first time the UC Medical Centers have come together to unite California women, physicians, and researchers, to better personalize breast cancer prevention, screening, and treatment. The goal of the Athena program is to follow patients from screening, to diagnosis, treatment, and ultimately survivorship, and to provide innovative and individualized treatment across the board.

A High Standard of Care

With the Athena UCLA screening mammography registry program, all patients that receive breast care at UCLA will complete a health history questionnaire that helps us to personalize your screening and breast cancer prevention plan. If you are identified as being at an elevated risk for developing breast cancer, you will be referred to appropriate resources; such as risk-reduction programs or genetic counseling. We will follow you for many years to monitor your health, and if at any time you are diagnosed with breast cancer, you will be offered the very latest options in medical care and access to promising new approaches through clinical trials.

A New Way to Meet Patient Needs

We provide you with a personalized breast cancer risk-assessment after you complete your health history questionnaire to guide your breast health plan. Based on the latest knowledge in the field, we will be able to offer you more and better choices for your individual care. We will also partner with your primary care physician so that together we can assist you in better managing your health.

To Innovate Research

Physicians and researchers are teaming up to run various clinical trials across the state that will develop and provide state of the art breast cancer screening and treatment programs. Our goal is to enroll 150,000 California women in the Athena cohort across the UC Medical centers, and to monitor their health through many decades. The program’s purpose is to advance the science of screening, diagnosis, management, and prevention of breast cancer by improving the delivery and approval of new diagnostics, and creating customized therapies and common systems that integrate clinical data and research across the statewide network.


  • Personalize patient care
  • Integration of clinical research
  • Continuous innovation of the UC Health System
  • Development of healthier, more effective treatments
  • Advance patient-physician interaction
  • Improve cancer intervention options


For questions on the Athena UCLA Screening Mammography Registry or the Athena Program, please contact our main Athena information line at (310) 794-0981 or contact Antonia Petruse at (310) 794-0367.

You can also contact us via email.