Breast cancer adjuvant decisions: incorporating late effects of treatment


Aims of the study

  • To learn more about women’s experiences and decision making when informed about the treatment choices for adjuvant chemotherapy of breast cancer
  • To get input about new methods of explaining treatment side effects
  • To assess what level of information and details you would have liked to have had when making treatment choices

Who can participate

  • Had chemotherapy for treatment of early stage breast cancer
  • Completed adjuvant chemotherapy treatment between one and five years ago
  • Able to speak English

What will I be asked to do

  • Participate in a 60- to 90-minute focus group held at UCLA
  • Share your opinions about new methods of explaining treatment side effects
  • Provide feedback on the usefulness of receiving information about long and short term effects of adjuvant therapy during the initial decision-making process before treatment

What will I receive if I participate in this study

  • Refreshments will be provided for focus group participants
  • UCLA will provide paid parking permits
  • You will receive a $30 gift card for participating in the focus group

How to enroll

For more information or to enroll in this study, please contact Barbara Kahn at or (310) 825-2520.

About this study

This research study is conducted by Dr. Patricia Ganz, UCLA Cancer Prevention and Control Research, and Elisa Long, UCLA Anderson School of Management. It is funded by the National Cancer Institute.