Jacksonville, Florida


Below is current information for the Jacksonville, Florida TRIO-US clinical trials site location. For a listing of all currently open UCLA clinical trials, use our Clinical Trials Search Tool. Please note that the tool is intended for use as a guide only. We recommend contacting the Clinical Trials Hotline at (888) 798-0719 to confirm clinical trial availability and/or to get further information about specific trials.

Address and Phone

Cancer Specialists, LLC
Department of Clinical Research (Administrative Office)
7015 AC Skinner Parkway
Jacksonville, FL 32256

(904) 538-4488
(904) 442-2122 (Fax)

Cancer Specialists of North Florida- Southside
5742 Booth Road 
Jacksonville, FL 32207
Cancer Specialists of North Florida – St. Vincent’s
2 Shircliff Way, Suite 800 
Jacksonville, FL 32204
Cancer Specialists of North Florida – Baptist South
14546 St. Augustine Rd., Suite 317 
Jacksonville, FL 32258
Cancer Specialists of North Florida – Fleming Island
1715 Eagle Harbor Parkway, Suite C
Fleming Island, FL 32003
Cancer Specialists of North Florida – Baptist Downtown
1235 San Marco Blvd., Suite 202
Jacksonville, FL 32207
Study Coordinator/Site Contact

Melissa Rammage, PharmD, M.S., Research Manager

Carol Starr, B.S., C.C.R.P., Regulatory Coordinator  
Edrelyn Rosario, R.N., B.S.N., C.C.R.P., Clinical Research Nurse Supervisor  
Rita Faulkner, R.N., O.C.N.  
Barbara Harris, R.N., B.S.N., O.C.N.  
Alisa Penrod, R.N., M.S.N.   
Ali Yohe, R.N., B.S.N.  
Kathy Flanagan, Data Manager  
Tamara Davis, Data Manager  
Leah Hazelgrove, B.S., Data Manager  
Sonya Muller, B.S., Data Manager  

Suprith Badarinath, M.D. (St. Vincent’s)

Jeffrey Alan Bubis, D.O. (Baptist South, Fleming Island)  
Thomas Swift Davis, M.D. (St. Vincent’s)  
Mehdi Mohammad Moezi, M.D. (Fleming Island)  
Daniele Jose Montgomery, M.D. (St. Augustine)  
Steven Douglas Siegel, M.D. (St. Vincent’s)  
Bijoy Pankaj Telivala, M.D. (Southside, Baptist Downtown)  
Maria J. Valente, M.D. (Baptist Downtown)  
Augusto Enrique Villegas, M.D. (Fleming Island)  
Sejal Kuthiala, M.D. (Southside)