Hollywood, Florida


Below is current information for the Hollywood, Florida TRIO-US clinical trials site location. For a listing of all currently open UCLA clinical trials, use our Clinical Trials Search Tool. Please note that the tool is intended for use as a guide only. We recommend contacting the Clinical Trials Hotline at (888) 798-0719 to confirm clinical trial availability and/or to get further information about specific trials.

Address and Phone

Breast Cancer Center at Memorial Regional Hospital
3700 Johnson Street
Hollywood, FL 33021


Breast Cancer Center at Memorial Hospital West
603 N. Flamingo Road Suite 157
Pembroke Pines, FL 33028


Memorial Cancer Institute West (MCI West)
801 N. Flamingo Rd., Suite 11
Pembroke Pines, FL 33028


Memorial Cancer Institute East (MCI East)
1150 North 35th Ave, Suites 170 & 270
Hollywood, FL 33021

Study Coordinator/Site Contact

Sharon Dyke-Berbick, R.N., Research Coordinator ("Non-Breast Studies")

(954) 265-1864

Deneise Francis, R.N., Research Coordinator ("Non-Breast Studies")

(954) 265-2796

Jayme Ion, M.S.N., R.N., Clinical Research Coordinator (Breast Studies)

(954) 265-2614

Cheryl Habaue, R.N., Clinical Research Coordinator (Breast Studies)

(954) 844-9178

Philomena J. Doliny, B.S.N., R.N., M.B.A., Research Nurse Manager

(954) 265-1841

Alejandra Tobon Perez, M.D. (BCC East)
Lyle Craig Feinstein, M.D. (MCI West)
Carmen Julia Calfa, M.D. (BCC East) Pablo Hernan Ferraro, M.D. (MCI West)
Aruna Mani, M.D. (BCC West) Luis Estuardo Raez, M.D. (MCI West)
Maricer Del Pilar Escalon, M.D. (BCC West) Anna Ninny J Abraham, M.D. (MCI West)
Atif Mahmoud Hussein, M.D. (MCI East) Neil Nagovski, M.D. (MCI West)
Michel Vulfovich, M.D. (MCI East) Allen Leonard Greenberg, M.D. (MCI West)
Alvaro Jose Alencar, M.D. (MCI East) Robert Alan Hirsch, M.D. (MCI West)
Frederick Neal Wittlin, M.D. (MCI East) Michael H. Greenhawt, M.D. (MCI West)
Manuel Antonio Martinez (MCI East) Daren David Grosman, M.D. (MCI West)