Long Beach, California


Below is current information for the Long Beach, California TRIO-US clinical trials site location. For a listing of all currently open UCLA clinical trials, use our Clinical Trials Search Tool. Please note that the tool is intended for use as a guide only. We recommend contacting the Clinical Trials Hotline at (888) 798-0719 to confirm clinical trial availability and/or to get further information about specific trials.

Address and Phone

Pacific Shores Medical Group
1043 Elm Avenue, Suite 104
Long Beach, CA  90813-3244

(562) 590-0345
(562) 437-8139 (Fax)
3747 Worsham Avenue, Suite 101
Long Beach, CA  90808
19582 Beach Blvd., Suite 212
Huntington Beach, CA  92648
16300 Sand Canyon Ave., Suite 207
Irvine, CA  92618
Study Coordinator/Site Contact
Irene De Jesus, Clinical Research Coordinator
Victoria Lansang, Clinical Research Coordinator  
André Kiem Dian Liem, M.D. (P.I.)

David Michael Burtzo, M.D.  
Luke Wei-Wu Chen, M.D.  
Sassan Farjami, M.D.   
An D. Nguyen, M.D.
Eleonor T. Quan, M.D.  
N. Simon Tchekmedyian, M.D.  
Lihong Wu, M.D.  
Mark M. Ngo, M.D.