Find a UCLA clinical trial


Find a UCLA Clinical Trial

Clinical trials are a vital step in discovering new treatments for cancer. UCLA physicians conduct clinical research to find new therapies for a wide range of medical disorders including all types of cancer, and geneticists also work with precision medicine, which uses your DNA to help pinpoint the best treatment for you. By participating in a clinical trial, you will have access to the most innovative care.

Find a UCLA clinical trial

To search for clinical trials at UCLA, please visit UCLA Health's online clinical trial search tool. You can also call the Clinical Trials Hotline at (855) 731-6040.

UCLA offers clinical trials not only in Los Angeles but at partner institutions throughout southern California and in eight states across the country, through the TRIO-US Network (Translational Research in Oncology-US) not-for-profit clinical research organization. Click here. to learn more about TRIO-US.

Learn more about clinical trials

To learn more about clinical trials, visit our clinical trials resource page. It includes education about what clinical trials are (including an FAQ), patient stories, and resources for research professionals.