• Lo, Roger Award

    Researcher receives grant to develop new melanoma therapies

  • Cloughesy Timothy Discovery

    Recurrent glioblastoma and immunotherapy

  • Kishan Amar Discovery

    Shorter course of radiation effective in treating prostate cancer

  • Boutros Paul Discovery

    Prostate tumor characteristics could help improve diagnosis

  • Slamon Dennis Award

    Dennis Slamon awarded Sjöberg Prize for cancer research

  • Prins Robert Award

    Immunologist receives grant to research brain tumor treatments

  • Crespi Catherine Award

    Industry payments unequal across male and female radiation oncologists

  • Crooks Gay (and lab team) Discovery

    Biostatistics professor appointed to carcinogen commission

  • Christofk Heather Discovery

    Study overturns dogma of cancer metabolism theory

  • Liau Linda Award

    Neurosurgeon-scientist honored for work in the lab and the clinic