• Hugo Willy Award

    How deep learning can improve immunotherapy

  • Ribas Antoni Honors

    UCLA scientists rank among world’s most-cited researchers

  • Calais Jeremie Award

    Grant awarded to develop new imaging techniques

  • Radu Caius Discovery

    Screening method identifies inhibitors of cancer cell metabolism

  • Chen Yvonne Award

    UCLA scientists receive grants totaling more than $18M

  • Raldow Ann Discovery

    Lung cancer patients with depression receive radiotherapy over surgery

  • Shackelford David Discovery

    Mitochondria tumor activity could predict lung cancer response

  • Kishan Amar Honors

    Early career researcher honored by Prostate Cancer Foundation

  • Yang Lili Discovery

    Creatine powers T cells’ fight against cancer

  • Chute John Discovery

    Antibody eradicates leukemia stem cells