UCLA Cancer Discoveries 2010


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Discoveries 2010 (Complete Issue)
Download the full Discoveries 2010 magazine here. (download...)

From the Director
Basic science plays in vital role in providing the strong foundation on which much of cancer research is built. (read article...)

Science Driven by Inquisitive Minds
Despite an enormous explosion of technology, basic science is still driven by the need to answer a burning biological question. (read article...)

Profile: Scientist James Wohlschlegel
He was at the right place at just the right time, the intersection of biological chemistry and mass spectrometry. (read article...)

Playing the Lottery in Cancer Research
Molecular screening is a bit like playing the cancer lottery, you just need a little bit of luck. (read article...)

Melanoma Survivor Celebrates Two Birthdays
Melanoma survivor Bill Bushnell now celebrates two birthdays, the day he was born and the day he was reborn. (read article...)

Award-Winning Faculty and Science Update
Meet our award-winning faculty and read about the leading-edge science being conducted at the Jonsson Cancer Center. (read article...)

News of the Center
The latest grants, the launch of new programs and other good news coming out of the Jonsson Cancer Center. (read article...)

Shared Resources
A remarkable array of tools aid in speeding discovery of newer and more effective ways to treat cancer. (read article...)

Jonsson Cancer Center Foundation
Highlights of giving, ways to advance cancer research and links to lists of donors making advances in research possible. (more...)