UCLA Cancer Discoveries 2005-2006


From the Director
The Origins of Cancer - Jonsson Cancer Center scientists and physicians played key roles in the testing and FDA approval of Herceptin for breast cancer, Gleevec for chronic myeloid leukemia, Iressa for lung cancer and Avastin for colon cancer. (read article...)

Stem Cells and the Origin of Cancer
Plant an apple and an apple tree will grow. But take that apple apart and bury just the skin, pulp and core- without the seeds- and no tree will grow. (read article...)

SPORE Update: Lung Cancer/Prostate Cancer
In the years since UCLA was designated by the National Cancer Institute as Specialized Program of Research Excellence (SPORE) sites for lung and prostate cancer research, scientists and oncologists have been able to provide new, leading-edge therapies to patients. (read article...)

Fostering Research Partnerships
Cancer research at UCLA is all about partnerships. JCCC scientists are teaming up with engineers to develop lab-on-a-chip technology to screen for cancers. (read article...)

Father and Son: Fighting Sarcoma with Different Tools
When Dr. Frederick Eilber first began operating on sarcoma patients in the early 1970s in the new surgical oncology devision at UCLA, most of his procedures were limb amputations. (read article...)

Scientific Standout (read article...)
These scientific standouts are battling cancer on all fronts from the lab to the clinic.
Dr. David Wong: Creating diagnostics that save lives
Dr. Luisa Iruela-Arispe: Focusing on blood vessel formation
Dr. Robert Kaplan: Working on ways to engage the patient in the decision-making process
Dr. Utpal Banerjee: Seeking to understand the mechanisms of leukemia

New Faculty: Joining the Fight Against Cancer
Most people assume the word "fusion" is tossed around mainly by those folks working in the physics department. But now, thanks to research being conducted by such investigators as Dr. Manuel Penichet, fusion is used to describe a technique now being employed by scientists working in biomedicine at the Jonsson Cancer Center. (read article...)

Seeing the Big Picture
When people watch a play, few in the audience, except for maybe those involved in show business, understand the importance of the work that goes on behind the scenes of a successful show. As director of regulatory affairs for the Jonsson Comprehensive Cancer Center, Christine King is one of those "behind the scenes" people, working to ensure the smooth operation of clinical cancer research at UCLA. (read article...)

"I Forget I Have Cancer."
These days, Lilia Solano is feeling so good she forgets she has cancer- something she never would have imagined. (read article...)

Fighting Pediatric Cancer
The first time he was diagnosed with lymphoma at 15, Rabeh Ghadban wasn't too worried. His doctors in the pediatric hematology/oncology division at UCLA told him he had an 85 to 90 percent chance of surviving. (read article...)

Kathy Sakamoto is New Division Chief
Dr. Kathy Sakamoto hopes to accomplish two things as the new chief of the division of pediatric hematology/ oncology: mentor pediatric oncologists and encourage them to conduct basic and clinical reseach and bring the new wave of molecularly targeted therapies used on adult cancer patients to the youngest victims of cancer. (read article...)

News of the Center
UCLA's Jonsson Cancer Center named Best in the West for the sixth consecutive year. (read article...)

Award-Winning Faculty
Jonsson Cancer Center scientists honored for their outstanding research efforts. (more...)