UCLA Cancer Discoveries: Back Issue Archive


Discoveries Cover 2009-20102010 issue

"Basic Science: Driven by Inquisitve Minds." This issue explores what happens in basic science laboratories and how technological advances in the last decade or so has helped to speed and expand those efforts to understand how normal cells and cancer cells behave on the molecular level. Features a story on a leading-edge molecular screening system and a profile of a melanoma survivor.

2007-2008 issue 
"Advancing the Science of Cancer Prevention and Survivorship." This issue explores extensive efforts to prevent cancers before they begin and new enterprises to help cancer survivors live better lives. Drs. Wu, Pantuck and Reiter are profiled. Features the story of a patient who benefited from both our basic and clinical research efforts.

2005-2006 issue
"The Promise of Stem Cells." This issue examines stem cells and their role in cancer and discusses the Institute for Stem Cell Biology and Medicine at UCLA. Drs. Wong, Iruela-Arispe, Kaplan and Banerjee are profiled. Features a story of a patient who is benefiting from a UCLA clinical trial.

2004-2005 issue
"Partnerships." This issue describes interdisciplinary partnerships, nanotechnology research activities on campus and experimental cancer vaccines. Drs. Wu, Pegram, Kasahara and Solberg are profiled, and genetic counselor Joyce Seldon discusses a gene that increases cancer risk.

2003-2004 issue
"Taking Aim at Cancer." This issue discusses targeted therapies, prostate cancer research and healthcare access for minority and underserved populations. Also profiled are Dr. James Economou, the deputy director of UCLA's Jonsson Comprehensive Cancer Center, and a patient who survived chronic myeloid leukemia.

2001-2002 issue
This issue explores the Human Genome Project, the mysteries of liver cancer and gene-tracking systems to help evaluate cancer therapy. Several JCCC doctors are profiled, including Dr. Leonard Rome. Features a survivor story of young man with Hodgkin's disease.