Creating a Legacy


What's Your Legacy?


What is planned giving?

  • Planned giving refers to any charitable gift made during a person's lifetime or at passing as part of an overall financial and/or estate plan. Making a planned gift to the JCCF creates a legacy that will save lives.

Do I have to be wealthy or of a certain age?

  • Despite the commonly held belief that you must be wealthy or over a specific age, planned gifts do not require you to be in a certain income or age bracket.

Is it true that I can realize certain tax advantages and receive income now?

  • Yes, depending on the asset used to fund the gift and when the gift is made, you may be eligible for certain tax deductions or even receive income during your lifetime. Different gifts may benefit you in different ways. We can help you find the perfect plan that meets your financial needs and fulfills your philanthropic goals.

How does planned giving benefit the JCCC?

  • Planned gifts from loyal supporters help ensure that the JCCC's mission to end cancer through research continues.

How will my gift be recognized by the JCCF?

  • Legacy Society members are recognized on our online Legacy Society Honor Roll. To see the list of current members, please click here.

For more information, please contact Melissa Brody via e-mail or by calling (310) 206-0675.

Examples of planned giving arrangements include:

If you are currently updating your will or living trust, JCCF would be honored to be included in your estate plans. Please see below for sample bequest language.

I/We give (state dollar/percentage amount) to the Jonsson Cancer Center Foundation/UCLA (Tax ID#: 95-2242757), a California nonprofit corporation, 8-950 Louis & Doris Factor Health Sciences Building, Box 951780, Los Angeles, CA 90095-1780, for current use to advance highest priority cancer research at the UCLA Jonsson Comprehensive Cancer Center, under the direction of the Director of the UCLA Jonsson Comprehensive Cancer Center.