Seed Grants


Intramural Funding

Seed grants are vital to the cancer center's ongoing leadership in the field of cancer research. And because seed grants are philanthropically supported, they illustrate the very real impact that benefactors can have on the cancer center's mission.

Recent seed grant recipients have developed novel hypotheses about specific cancer-causing mechanisms, be it the role of neural stem cells in brain cancer, of underexpressed tumor suppressor genes in breast cancer or over-expressed genes in juvenile leukemia. If the data from their research bear out their theories, they stand a good chance of obtaining long-term federal funding to continue their work and translate it into improved therapies.

Each seed grant proposal is evaluated by a committee of JCCC investigators who are experts on the particular area of cancer research for which funding is being sought. Proposals are ranked according to the same type of peer-review system used by the National Cancer Institute and other scientific funding agencies.

A gift to the JCCC Seed Grant Program is among the wisest investments you will ever make. The work it supports is work that can save lives.