David Richman


Fundraising Success with New Online Tools

DavidRichmanImageDavid Richman claims he is no athlete. Yet on June 30th he demonstrated extraordinary athleticism, running 100 miles from Santa Barbara to Manhattan Beach, to raise money for cancer research at UCLA’s Jonsson Comprehensive Cancer Center (JCCC).

Before he set out for the grueling run, he utilized the JCCC’s new online tools to reach his fundraising goals by creating a Personal Fundraising Page for his event, 100Together. Sharing his story and personalized donation page with family, friends and colleagues, David was able to raise more than $8,000 for the leading-edge institute that cared for his sister, June, through her cancer treatment.

“When my sister was battling brain cancer, she was so thankful to the people at the Jonsson Cancer Center for taking such good care of her, providing the best possible treatment, and for being so diligent and thoughtful in the approach to her battle,” said David. He remains impressed with the JCCC’s research, care and communication in the fight against cancer.

Unfortunately June lost her brave battle, inspiring David to find yearly fundraising opportunities to support life-saving research at UCLA. His personal connection to cancer has led him to run 85 miles from Cancun to Tulum, Mexico in 2008 and organize a 50-mile bike ride in Orange County in 2011. Asking for support from his employer and contacts along the way, he has raised nearly $30,000 to help the JCCC discover more effective diagnostic tools and therapies through research.

“With a short, heartfelt request, many people will donate for a cause they can relate to or feel good about supporting,” said David. “If I put myself out there to do something crazy like run 100 miles straight, then it might just generate more donations from those who feel good about being a part of that.”

Personal fundraising pages are just one of the many ways you can easily contribute to the fight against cancer. Visit the JCCF Friends Fighting Cancer page to read more about how you can become a valued active supporter of cancer research like David.