Connie and George Keiter


Connie Keiter.updatedConnie Keiter joined the UCLA Jonsson Cancer Center Foundation (JCCF) board in 1989 and was  dedicated to supporting life-changing cancer research at the UCLA JCCC. Connie passed away this summer at 90 years old as a consequence of metastatic breast cancer. Friends and family describe Connie as "a one-of-a-kind woman, a straight-shooter, a matriarch, a fun-lover, an organizer, an excellent golfer, a philanthropist, a sailor (with a mouth like one!), a hero to many, and a bon vivant."  

Connie and her husband, George, who died in 2016, made a transformative gift 17 years ago in which they donated their Westwood condominium to UCLA. Through a "retained life estate" arrangement, the Keiters were able to receive a charitable deduction for transferring ownership of the property to the University, while retaining the right to reside in the home for the duration of their lifetimes. The recent sale of the property resulted in more than $1.8 million in proceeds to support cancer research. If you would like to learn more about making a planned gift to the JCCC, click here.