Director's Circle


The Jonsson Cancer Center Foundation thanks its Director’s Circle members whose lifetime contributions have advanced the Jonsson Comprehensive Cancer Center's mission to end cancer through research.

The Wendy Ablon Trust

Dr. Miriam & Sheldon G. Adelson
Medical Research Foundation

In Memory of Ann Fitzpatrick Alper 
Arthur J. Alper, Dean, Neil & Tom & Families

Aramont Foundation

American Cancer Society

Avon Foundation

Peter Bing

Mary Brenneisen Trust

Concern Foundation for Cancer Research

Conejo Valley Guild

Thelma L. Culverson

Elfrieda Davis

Foad Deghani Research Fund

Entertainment Industry Foundation

Noreen Fraser Foundation

Estate of Irving Gordon

Ronald S. Hirshberg Memorial Foundation
for Pancreatic Cancer Research

Ali Jassim

Diana and Kenneth Jonsson

The Kenneth Jonsson Family Foundation

John & Ursula Kanel Charitable Foundation

Connie and George Keiter

Nicole Kidman

Beatrice S. Kolliner

Wendy and Theo Kolokotrones

S. Sanford Kornblum, M.D. and Charlene S. Kornblum

Ted Mann Foundation

Ted and Rhonda Fleming Mann

Lottie McKnight Trust

Beverly McLaughlin

Carrie L. and Henry A. Meinhardt

John, Ben and David Nickoll
In Memory of Ann Nickoll

Darcie Denkert Notkin & Shelby Notkin

Par for the Cure

Ronald O. Perelman

Charlotte F. Post Trust

Shelley P. Resnick

The Ressler Family Foundation


Michele and George Michael Richman

Carol and Saul Rosenzweig

Wendy and Ken Ruby

The Safeway Foundation

Estelle, Abe and Marjorie Sanders
California Foundation

Caroline Singleton

Estate of Paul Sommer

The Sue Maloney Stiles Fund


Sykes Foundation

Linda Tallen and David Paul Kane
Cancer Educational and Research Foundation

Gilbert Thomas

United Cancer Front 

V Foundation for Cancer Research
Gil Nickel Family

Vance Wall Foundation

Vons, a Safeway Company

Jeanie A. Wentz Cancer Foundation

Judi and George Ray Wiley

Denise and Peter Wittich

Wolfen Family Foundation

Floria and Meyer Zeiler

Laura Ziskin


AEG Live

Marjory G. Allen Trust

Annenberg Foundation

Anonymous Donors (2)

Biastre Family Trust

Margaret M. Bloomfield

Ambrose and Gladys Bowyer Foundation

Gisella & George E. Brownell

The David W. Bryan Trust

Cancer International Research Group

Sima Conrad Trust

Jerri and Art de Cordova in honor of Jean L. Kline

The Carl & Roberta Deutsch Foundation

The Dream Fund

Gail Elliott

Clarann and Irwin Goldring

Barbara B. Grant

Howard A. Heffron in honor of
Nancy E. Heffron and Dr. Patricia A. Ganz

Liane & Stephen Hornsey

The Jay J. Jennings Estate

Nancy S. Jones and Roberta M. Pawlak

Mr. and Mrs. J. Erik Jonsson

Philip R. Jonsson Foundation

Judy and Kurt Kamm

Robert S. Kaplan

Meg & Lawrence Kasdan

The Ron and Maddie Katz Family Foundation

Isabel and Harvey Kibel

J.B. Ladd

Shirley and Peter McKernan

Joy and Jerry Monkarsh Family Foundation

Estate of Lucile W. Napp

Nucletron Corporation

Friends of One Ball Matt Golf Tournament in memory of Matt Christiansen

Melissa and Timothy Pennington

Ann C. Rosenfield Foundation

San Fernando Valley Guild

Jennifer Jones Simon Foundation

Esther and Robert Smith

Dr. and Mrs. Norman F. Sprague Jr.

Stranahan Foundation

Earl W. Sweeney

Dorothy Vanderveld

Marjorie & Joe Walsh & Eagles Band


    Emma and Frederic Adler

    The Ahmanson Foundation

    Harry Allgauer Foundation

    Anonymous Donors (1)

    Atlantic Richfield

    Mildred and David Banghart

    Berman Family Trust

    Kathleen and William Bitting

    Bill Bloomfield

    Andrew Castellano

    Thomas R. Chapman

    Beulah Cummins Estate

    John Delfino

    Tamara & Dimitri S. Dimitri

    Joseph Drown Foundation

    Anne and Alan Feld

    Karen and Jack Friedman

    Getty Oil

    Anita Green in memory of Richard Green

    The Florence E. and Daniel B. Green Family Foundation

    Carol and Tim Hannemann

    The Fred L. Hartley Family Foundation

    Phyllis and Arthur Holmes

    The Jonsson Family Foundation

    Suzzanne and Richard Knaub

    Charlotte & Harold Koeffler

    Milton Krieger

    The Lincy Foundation

    Mrs. James T. McCarthy

    Victoria & Carl Murray

    The Majid Naderkhani Foundation of the
    Ayco Charitable Foundation

    Orange County Roosters

    Joyce and Michael Ostin and Family

    Phase One

    Della M. Podell Charitable Remainder Trust

    Dorothy L. Pulver

    R.A. Stranahan Jr. Charitable Trust

    Susan E. Riley Family Foundation

    The Katherine E. Rogers Fund for Excellence
    in Cancer Research

    Micahel G. Sannes

    Barbara and Robert J. Schiller

    Shirley and Ralph Shapiro

    Fran G. and Mallory Sibley

    William B. Spivak, Jr.

    Stern/Jordan/Marell Family

    Agnes Tarpinian and Esther Quick in memory
    of our beloved sister, Diana Rogers

    Maura Tierney

    Triplet State Technology LLC


    Steve Wallace

    Wally's Wine & Spirits

    Ruth Weil

    Mimi and Bernie West

    Ziering Family Foundation

    Laura Ziskin and Alvin Sargent

    Rolaine Zycher in memory of Sarina Braunstein



    In Loving Memory of My Dear Friend,
    Leonora "Lee" Baumgartner

    The Muriel M. Abbott Trust

    The Aljian Family Trust in memory of James Aljian

    Lynn K. Altman Family Trust

    Anonymous Donors (2)

    Debbie & Mark Attanasio

    Albert Yu & Mary Bechmann Foundation

    Louise Belley and Richard Schnarr

    Birches Foundation in memory of Marlowe Cole

    Friends and Family of Stanley Blatt

    Brown Family Fund

    Grace M. Brubaker

    California Eastern Star

    Cancer Care Inc.

    The Capital Group Companies Charitable Foundation

    Caplan Family Fund

    City of Chula Vista Ken Lee Memorial Fund

    Robert W. Clement and Joseph L. Klein, Jr.

    William Daniels

    Deborah & Johnathan Davidson

    David & Nancy de Brier

    Madeline and Robert Dickerman

    Dolan Family Foundation

    Eva G. Doyle Estate

    In Memory of Joan J. Drake

    The Dumont Foundation

    Geri Dunford

    The Richard F. Dwyer - Eleanor W. Dwyer Fund

    Phyliis F. & James L. Easton

    William P. Edwards

    Expedition Inspiration Fund for Breast Cancer Research

    Doris Factor

    Helgard Field

    Penelope D. Foley

    Debi & Gary Fournier

    Fox Entertainment Group, Inc.

    Lauren and James Freedman

    In Loving Memory of Gene Gast
    Friends of Gene Gast

    Gloria and John Gebbia


    Inara George and Jake Kasdan

    Susan and Harvey Giss

    William and Charlene Glikbarg Foundation

    Sheila Gold Foundation

    Gonzales Family Foundation

    Steven C. Gordon Family Foundation

    Mary Ann Hackworth 
    In Loving Memory

    Jacqueline Harless-Chang

    Susan Harris & Paul Witt

    Lita Annenberg Hazen Foundation

    Frances D. Hine

    Marian Houghton

    Estate of Frances Louise Hunt

    Jeane and Mose Jadon and Family

    M.E. Jensen Revocable Trust

    Kermit E. Johnson

    Christine & Jordan Kaplan

    Jean and Stephen Kaplan

    Janet Redfield Kemmer

    Martin S. Kesselman

    James King in memory of Sally A. King

    Jean L. Krysiak Trust

    Lorelle Ladd Estate

    Dorothy Leeb

    Roberta and Wesley Lester

    Elyse Lewin and Lester Wertheimer

    Livestrong Foundation

    Fran and Peter Lubin

    The Lund Foundation

    The Frieda Malin Trust

    Carol and Larry Mann

    In Loving Memory of Laura Marquez
    Family and Friends of Laura Marquez

    Memorial Foundation

    Barbara & Fred Miller

    The Mosk Foundation

    Ralph M. Parsons Foundation

    Pasadena Guild

    Friends and Family of Susan Cord Pereira

    Marolyn and John Peterson

    Sydney Pollack

    Debbie and Rick Powell

    Alstyne E. and Frances A. Pruner Foundation

    Jim & Eleanor Randall Family

    Jerry Rapport

    Margaret and Robert Rogers

    Marion Rogers Riley and Kevin Riley

    In Loving Memory of Jeff Rothberg
    The Rothberg Family

    Linda and Jay Sandrich

    Santa Monica Westside Charity League

    Goldyne Savad Trust

    Virginia and Walter Sawicki

    The Seaver Institute

    Jane and Terry Semel

    The Dinah Shore Foundation

    The Skirball Foundation

    Harold R. Sobel Trust

    Estate of Thera Elaine Sollars

    Marjorie and Lee Sollenbarger

    Marvin Solomon

    Chilant Frenzell Sprague

    Frances Stein

    Susan and Lloyd Stockel Fund for Lung Cancer Research

    Mr. Jay Sures

    Charlyn D. Thompson

    Tower Cancer Research Foundation

    United Talent Agency

    V Foundation/ESPN/Los Angeles Lakers

    Vical Inc.

    Dana & Matt Walden

    Wasserman, Comden, Casselman and Pearson LLP

    Judith and Robert Winston

    The Bradley Zenkel Foundation in Loving Memory of Bradley Zenkel

    Joan & Robert Zukin