Board Responsibilities


JCCF Board of Directors: Responsibilities of Membership
  1. Possess a personal commitment to advancing cancer research and treatment.

  2. Make a personal gift of or raise at least $10,000 per annum for the JCCF, or, alternatively, make a major contribution of time or talent which will benefit the JCCF. Approval of this alternative provision shall be at the discretion of the Executive Committee.

  3. Participate in at least one committee or, alternatively, offer professional expertise identified as critical to advancing the fund-raising mission of the JCCF.

  4. Have the ability and willingness to attract equally committed individuals to support the activities of the JCCF, securing at least one new supporter through Lifeline Connection or otherwise (minimum contribution $1,000) each year.

  5. Attend Board meetings (2x/year) and participate as appropriate in committee meetings and other working meetings of the JCCF.

  6. Over the course of his/her Board term, seek to identify at least one prospective Board nominee to present to the Nominating Committee for consideration.