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Dr. Elizabeth Cleary brings heart, personal experience to healing

The clinical psychologist provides leadership and education at the Simms/Mann-UCLA Center for Integrative Oncology

Post Date:February 01, 2023 6:30 AM
Dr. Elizabeth Cleary (Photo by Andrew Knowles/AJK Images)

From her earliest days at Harvard, Elizabeth Cleary, PhD, was interested in mental health.

By the time she came to UCLA for graduate school, she wanted to learn more about how people respond to serious life challenges, such as illness or unexpected tragedy. Some experience depression, anxiety and post-traumatic stress, while others come away with a greater sense of purpose, strength and meaning.

“I was interested in the question of, ‘How do we help people move through a challenging life experience and support them such that they end up on the side of connection, sense of personal strength and meaningful experiences,” she says, “as opposed to the outcome of it being a devastating and traumatic experience.”

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