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Advances in radiation technology help physicians deliver more precise and effective cancer treatment

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Post Date:February 02, 2021 12:00 PM
In this video, meet prostate cancer survivor Dan Howe, who was treated with the new MRIdian radiation-therapy technology at UCLA

A new advance in radiation-therapy equipment is giving physicians the ability to better visualize tumors and internal anatomy, allowing more accurate delivery of necessary treatments.The equipment, called the MRIdian LINAC, is an improvement over older technologies, because it uses a built-in MRI to guide radiation treatment in real time, explains UCLA Health radiation oncologist Amar Kishan, MD.

“This makes a critical difference,” says Dr. Kishan. “MRIs have a much better spatial resolution than a CT scan,” which has been the traditional method to locate and map out areas that need to be treated but has limitations because it does not always provide the clearest picture of internal anatomy, particularly in the abdomen and pelvis.

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