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JCCC Seminar Featuring Dr. Jeremy Sanford

Loss of Exon Identity in Human Inherited Disease

JCCC SeminarJeremy Sanford., Ph.D.

Presented by:
Jeremy Sanford, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor
Molecular, Cellular and Developmental Biology
Center for the Molecular Biology of RNA
University of California, Santa Cruz

Dr. Sanford's lab attempts to dissect the myriad roles of RNA binding proteins in mammalian gene expression. RNA processing reactions such as pre-mRNA splicing, mRNA export, translation and mRNA decay are influenced by the interplay of trans-acting proteins with their cognate cis-acting RNA elements. By elucidating the cis-acting RNA elements recognized by specific RNA binding proteins, it will be possible to gain a better understanding of both the physiological relevance and mechanisms of action for these critical regulators of gene expression.

Light Lunch Served

Co-Sponsored by JCCC

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