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JCCC Seminar Featuring Drs. Robert H. Schiestl and Zuo-Feng Zhang

DNA Double Strand Breaks Induce Genetic Instability in Trans at Undamaged Sites

Robert H. Schiestl, Ph.D.

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Robert H. Schiestl, Ph.D.
Professor, Departments of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine,
Environmental Health Sciences, and
Radiation Oncology

Dr. Robert Schiestl's work focuses on basic mechanisms, genetic control and inducibility by carcinogens of homologous and illegitimate recombination, as well as molecular events involved in carcinogenesis. Experiments are carried out in yeast, human cells and in transgenic mice. Current projects include determining inter-individual differences in DNA double-strand break repair efficiency in cells from radiation sensitive cancer patients with the aim of ultimately identifying new genes affecting cancer predisposition, and determining the effects of mutations in DNA repair and DNA damage sensing genes.

Zuo-Feng Zhang, M.D., Ph.D.

Zuo-Feng Zhang, M.D., Ph.D.
Professor, Department of Epidemiology

Dr. Zuo-Feng Zhang's research focuses on the molecular epidemiology of cancers of the bladder, prostate, esophagus, stomach, head and neck and cervix. Other research interests include nutrition and cancer, epidemiology of second primary cancer, methodological issues in the use of tumor markers in cancer epidemiology and progression and survival of cancer.

Light Lunch Served

Co-Sponsored by JCCC

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