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JCCC "Leaders in the Field" research seminar featuring Dr. Katja Lamia

CRY2 and FBXL3 cooperatively degrade C-MYC

  • Date: April 27, 2017 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM
  • Location: 53-105 CHS
    Los Angeles, California 90095

Presented by
Katja Lamia, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor, Molecular Medicine
The Scripps Research Institute

Circadian clocks enable organisms to keep track of the time of day and to adjust their physiology to recurring, and therefore predictable, daily changes in the external environment. Dr. Katja Lamia's research is focused on demonstrating that circadian clocks are critical regulators of mammalian metabolic physiology and the response to DNA damage. Her lab is currently investigating the molecular basis for the circadian control of metabolism, DNA damage response and tumorigenesis to enable novel therapies to treat metabolic disease and cancer.

Light lunch served

Sponsored by UCLA's Jonsson Comprehensive Cancer Center Signal Transduction and Therapeutics Program

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